Carlo Viglietti Service

Carlo Viglietti Service

IMG_0061In its ongoing quest for service excellence, and to weave that Ferrari magic locally in Johannesburg, Pablo     Clark has joined forces with Ferrari specialist Carlo Viglietti from CapeTown. Carlo has long been recognise as one of the few Ferrari service and restoration experts in South Africa, his reputation stems back many years, as one of the founder members of a family business based in Cape Town, and founded back in 1972.

Carlo’s family business soon became well known for offering service excellence and superb technical know-how. It was first established as a general workshop catering for all models of vehicles, yet specialised in the repair of sports cars. They were recognised as Italian and continental car specialists. Later their focus was centred mainly on Italian marques, specifically Ferrari and Lancia. Some years later their workshop was appointed as the official importers of specific marques of Italian cars in the Western Cape, and this eventually evolved into being appointed as the official ferrari importer in 1997. The family eventually sold the business in 2012 and all those who were involved in it, moved on to different projects.

Carlo did his trade test in 1974 and qualified as an automotive engineer and engine re-builder. When he began working with his elder brother Luigi, it was as if Carlo had entered into a second apprenticeship, learning from his brother who was always regarded as Carlo’s mentor and inspiration, and together they embarked on numerous restoration projects.

In 1994 Carlo undertook formal training with Ferrari in Italy. He attended various courses at Maranello, and as each new Ferrari model was released, he would attend further training becoming well versed in the latest updates and technical know-how for those particular models.

Apart from being a knowledgeable, talented and skilled technician, Carlo has also shown off his versatility and driving skills on the Fiorano test track, where he completed 4 levels of the Ferrari Advanced Driver Courses. Yet his focus has always leaned more toward the technical aspects of this business, as well as problem solver and thus ensuring greater customer satisfaction. Carlo is very much hands on and is involved with classic Ferrari restorations to the latest Ferrari models.


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