Ferrari 250 GTM

Ferrari 250 GTM SWB
The Ferrari 250 GTM SWB in action
Year Manufactured: 1961 Chassis No.2253 SWB conversion
– 3.0 litre V12
– 325 HP

Interesting Facts:
– Rob Walker/Stirling Moss spec by Orbry USA
– Multiple race winner
– One of 40 in the world

Thoroughbred precision and excellence wins Concourse Event: The beautiful Piazza at Monte Casino, which plays host to the annual SEFAC show day, was brought to life by the sound and sight of thirty gorgeous Ferrari’s, all of different years and representing a variety of model formats, being put on display by their very proud owners.
The morning was welcomed by blissful sunlight, many staying at the Sun Square hotel, which overlooks the Piazza, were snuggled in their beds dreaming about the wonderful buffet breakfast to be served. However these thoughts were to be diverted when the glorious sound of a V12 Ferrari race engine barked and growled, as the car trundled into the square to find its allocated show day parking space.

What a sight the many guests had when they nervously peered out their windows for a better look of the commotion taking place below them. A color contrast of RED, yellow, silver, black and blue met their eyes.

Blue is not a color combination linked to the Ferrari brand, or one would choose when buying an Italian exotic. However this Ferrari 250 GTM SWB (Short Wheel Base) is a very special and rare example. Due to the fact that it still competes on South Africa’s local race circuits in historic racing championships, and wins, it remains in pristine condition, a true testament to owner and driver of the car, Etana Insurance Chairman Paolo Cavalieri.

Ferrari 250GTM SWB

Judges of the SEFAC club go over a vigorous list of requirements that Ferraris, taking part in the concourse, require. Competing in the Mille Miglia category, specifically for Ferrari race machines, the blue Rob Walker liveRED 250 GTM SWB walked away with category victory. A proud moment for the Pablo Clark Racing team, as they added another concourse victory to the trophy they won last year.

Suffice to say that the poweRED blue Ferrari 250 GTM SWB is a thoroughbRED racing example of the Italian brand. Although a concourse winner, and a beautiful car to look at, this car is best viewed on the race track in full flight, screaming to an incREDible 9000 rpm. Some things in life leave you flabbergasted; the sound of pure Italian passion is unforgettable. While the color may not represent standard requirements, the blue and white 250 GTM SWB leaves an everlasting impression, making it an icon when on display, or when taking the chequRED flag.