Pablo Clark | PCR had a succesfull race winning weekend at Phakisa Historics racing with the Galaxie!
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PCR had a succesfull race winning weekend at Phakisa Historics racing with the Galaxie!

PCR team won both races and overall with Jaki Scheckter and the PCR Liqui Moly RAM Tsogo Sun Etana Ford Galaxie at Phakisa Raceway this last weekend!

The team worked late Thursday eve to get Paul Gerber’s Ray Formula Ford ready with rebuilt engine and chassis, yet decided to not race it at Phakisa due to radiator issues. That was a let down for the PCR team, yet feel it was the right thing to do. The PCR team arrived at Phakisa lunch time on Friday, to do 1 or 2 sessions with Galaxie. It was the Galaxie’s first time around the Phakisa Raceway, as it went well on old tires during one session. We felt it was good enough to do no more sessions for the day.

Saturday started with qualifying, and Jaki putting the Liqui Moly, RAM, Tsogo Sun, Etana Ford Galaxie 3rd on grid with old tires. For the first race, we put the new tires on, and it was a great choice, allowing Jaki to attack with Franco Scribante in his orange Ford Mustang and Jonathan Du Toit in his red/white Chevy Nova who qualified on Pole. The first lap was some bumping, first was Jonathan and Jaki, as Jonathan rear view mirror was broken, so he failed to see Jaki and they touched, causing minimal damage to the cars, then later on that first lap Jaki passed Franco then going into the last corner, Franco and Jaki touched, causing left rear fender damage. The fender damage was contacting the left rear tire rubbing, yet survived the race. A few laps later, Jaki managed to pass Jonathan on back straight for the lead, and Jaki drove a hard fought race to the finish with Jonathan in his Nova right on his tail.

The second race Jaki started on Pole, and lead from start to finish with Jonathan and Franco chasing him all the way till the last 2 laps. Jonathan made a mistake then fell back, last lap Franco did similiar mistake and fell back, allowing Jaki to finish the race 1st with ease.

The weather at Phakisa was tough, gale force winds making life difficult for everyone there. Felt like I was back in my hometown in East London!!

Our next race for the Galaxie and Ray is Zwartkops on the 27 July 2013, BE THERE!

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